Frequently Asked Question!


Why Is Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Important?

By concentrating the full spectrum of the hemp plant (100% THC free) the balanced qualities of the original organic plant medicine balance are more effective and more fully bio-available.

Is this legal in Idaho?

Technically, any cannabis related materials registering under 0.03% THC is consider hemp, and as such is legal. Our hemp has been bred to be 100% THC free, allowing the beneficial compounds to be fully bio-available.

Will this have any psychoactive effects on me?

No, this material contains no THC (the psychoactive compound found in cannabis) and thus it will not effect you in any unexpected way. You will, however, find our Full Spectrum Hemp Oil to be relaxing.

Will you be able to help my understand this more fully?

Yes! We would love to discuss the benefits of our full product line with you. There is no obligation and we are keen to share our enthusiasm about the health benefits of full spectrum hemp oil!